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Commercial Inclined Platform Lifts

An Inclined Platform Lift, also known as an inclined Wheelchair Lift, is a complete Stair chair VTaccessibility solution for facilities that have limited space and resources yet want to accommodate patrons and meet ADA requirements. Inclined Platform lifts serve both straight and curved stairways for indoors or outdoors. Each rail system is custom manufactured to the exact contours of the stairway, gliding along existing stairs and opening access to all levels.

On most models, inclined wheelchair lifts fold up at the lower and upper landing with power assist, maximizing space while not in use, and carry a host of safety features for both passengers and other patrons. Below are common features and functionality of inclined platform lifts:

  • Standard non-skid platform that can be sized to accommodate wheelchair and ADA compliance
  • Travel distance is almost unlimited with two stops standard, additional stops available
  • Up to 650 lbs. load capacity for straight lifts, up to 495 lbs. load capacity for curved lifts
  • Travel speed is approximately 20 feet per minute for straight lifts, 10 feet per minute for curved
  • Constant pressure platform controls and hall call controls at each landing
  • Emergency stop and alarm, safety platform arms, and many more safety features

Inclined Wheelchair lifts are designed to help eliminate barriers of accessibility in schools, public facilities, restaurants and places of worship.