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Leading Provider of Residential Elevators & Lifts since 1996

All-Ways Accessible, Inc. has been a leading provider of elevators and lifts in homes throughout New Hampshire (NH), Maine (ME), and Vermont (VT) since 1996. In addition to our extensive expertise and dealer access to the best elevators and lifts on the market, we offer our customers years of experience, knowledgeable sales consultants, and licensed professional installers.

Our promise of top quality service includes educating consumers about the best solutions in terms of design, safety, and cost effectiveness. We gladly partner with architects, builders and interior designers to ensure that the installation process goes smoothly and satisfies the customer’s expectations for their homes or businesses. We also stand behind our work with our customer satisfaction guarantee: we All-Ways make it right.

All-Ways Accessible is the only elevator and lift dealer in Northern NewEngland (Maine, NewHampshire, & Vermont) with a showroom that includes two fully functional residential home elevators, several working stair lifts, both straight and curved, and several different types of patient lifts. Whether your project is residential or commercial, you’ll appreciate being able to view and “test drive” some of the elevators and lifts we offer.

So whether you are in Portland Maine, White River Vermont, Kittery Maine or Stow Vermont, make All-ways Accessible your first stop for residential home elevators, vertical wheelchair lifts, stairlifts, dumbwaiters, and patient transfer lifts.

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Residential Home Elevators

Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont

Benefits of Residential Home Elevators

residential elevators meMore and more people are considering residential home elevators when building new homes or renovating older homes. Why? The reasons include everything from allowing people to stay in their homes longer, marketability for resale, lifestyle convenience, even cost effectiveness. Residential home elevators are increasingly viewed as a must-have amenity that raises the quality of life for years to come.

Residential Home Elevators Make Sense for an Aging Population

Residential home elevators make it possible for seniors with mobility issues to stay in their homes longer. Elderly people who can no longer climb stairs think their only solution is sayinhome elevators vtg good-bye to their beloved family homes and move into single floor residences or elderly communities. Not true! Residential home elevators make it possible for older residents to enjoy their family homes indefinitely.

Residential home elevators also offer a better living solution for families who would prefer to invite an aging parent into their single-family home. Building additions and in-law suites can be costly, and some residences don’t have the option to expand the first floor. Installing a residential home elevator is an affordable solution for creating access to any floor of the house, making it possible to convert a basement into living space for an elderly parent or, more simply, providing access to an upstairs bedroom. 

Residential Home Elevators Add Value and Marketabilityhome elevators me

As everyone knows, the baby boomers are hitting retirement age. According to the 2010 Census, 25% of the total US population is between the ages 45-64 and this age group makes 60% of all existing home purchases annually. Clearly, more and more people will be looking to buy homes that will allow them to “age in place” near families. Last year alone over 94,000 homeowners found home elevators to be an essential amenity, a number that will surely increase given these population demographics and real estate statistics.

Residential home elevators not only provide multi-level accessibility, they also make your home more “visitable.” New thinking in home design has given rise to the term “visitability,” which simply means providing easy, comfortable access for visitors as well as residents. Visitability ensures that grandma and grandpa--or other friends and relatives with mobility issues--will never be prevented from attending holiday gatherings and other special occasions.

Residential home elevators add value to your home by providing a cutting edge home improvement and more flexible living options. These selling points will make your home more attractive to a growing number of savvy buyers looking for the latest advances in home design and long-term livability.

Residential Home Elevators Make Daily Life More Convenient

Whether it's the multiple trips up and down the stairs with laundry, furniture, kids, seasonal items, or groceries, you'll find a residential home elevator makes day-to-day living easier. Residential home elevators provide safe, stylish choices for floor-to-floor convenience. Our elevator specialists can show you a range of options and help you design an elevator that will blend in with your home's décor while still remaining an affordable amenity that you will cherish for a lifetime.

A Residential Home Elevator is an Affordable,
Cost Effective Amenityhome elevators me

Most people are surprised to discover how cost effective a residential home elevator can be and, depending on the design, it can make building a multi-floor residence less expensive than a single-story, ranch-style home. Single-story homes use more land and require larger foundations and roofing, which can significantly impact construction costs. If you’re building a new, single-story home, ask your builder to cost out the difference between a single-story home and a multi-level home with a residential home elevator. You may be surprised by the bottom line and you may be excited to learn that you have other, possibly better, building options!

All-Ways Accessible sells, installs and services Residential Elevators throughout New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont.

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Compact Home Elevators



What is a Stiltz Lift

The Stiltz Home Lift is a cohome elevators vtmpact residential elevator that's designed to fit into your home.  Its unique and innovative features allow it to be installed in places where other home elevators products just won't fit.

Unlike a stairlift you can chose where to put the Stiltz in your home. Want to see more? Click the link and watch the video

What are the benefits of a Stiltz Lift?

  • Versatile. No need for a supporting wall so can be installed in most places around the home.
  • Quick and easy install. All work can be completed in as little as two days.
  • Compact. Footprint is less than 7 square feet
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Very low power consumption; just a regular 110v outlet is needed


home elevators me   Standard Retrofit           Void Application             Closet to Closet            Through Car

Standard Retrofit 

The basic retrofit is the most common scenario and why the product was conceived. Put simply, whenever the footprint of a Stiltz Lift can fit, it can be installed, because it is self-contained and does not need additional space for hydraulics. All that is required is the cutting and trimming of the appropriate aperture.

Void Application

This is a unique offering of a Stiltz Lift. Due to the self-supporting rail structure a Stiltz lift is capable of being effectively free standing. With just enough room within a turning stairwell, this application uses the dead space in the void to fit a home lift.

Closet to Closet

This application is another favorite with Stiltz clients. The small footprint and self-contained drive unit of a Stiltz Lift actually allows the lift to be completely fitted in a closet on both floors.

Through Car

The through car or double entry lift, is where a Stiltz Lift adds another dimension. This model is the reason why we claim to be able to fit a lift anywhere. From time to time the situation arises where a lift requires two entrances.

Low ceiling?  No problem!

An understandably common question we get asked when our lift is being considered is the required ceiling height downstairs and upstairs.  

The electrics panel sits above the front of the cab and it's ideal to have 8' downstairs to allow easy removal of the cover panel and give unhindered access to the electronic components. Upstairs, a standard height cab requires 93".  However, if you have a low ceiling we can make the cab up to 6" shorter than standard allowing you to fit the lift in places other products might not have the space to go.

Bear in mind that the height reduces to internal dimension of the cab so this might not be an option for very tall people, but will usually work for the average user.  This reduced height option is available for no cost and can be specified on any lift in our range.



Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

What is a Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator? 

stair elevator me

A Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator is an elevator that is powered by Air!

Some Features of the Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator include;

No pit excavation, hoist-way, or machine room required. 

Installation in one to two days. 

Ideal for new and existing homes due to the minimal footprint required to accomodate the structure. 

Self-supporting structure: the elevator is capable of freestanding on any level ground surface. 

Modern design allowes 360 degree visibility without cables or pistons that block vision. 

Extremely smooth starting and stopping operations. 

stair elevator vt   stair elevator vt    stair elevator me

There are three main components to the transparent, self-supporting vacuum elevator:

Exterior Cylinder : Made up of an aluminum frame and polycarbonate panels. 

Elevator Car : Made of steel, which houses the brake and safety mechanisms along with the proprietary seal located on top of the car. 

Suction Assembly : Located on top of teh upper cylinder. Houses the turbine engines, valves, and the PVE control Board. 


In the event of a power failure, the elevator cab automatically descends slowly to the lowest level and teh electromechanical door opens to allow passengers to exit. 

Fully Equiped with a full set of car locking devices for each landing. 

ASME A 17.7 Code Compliance Certified.



Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

A vertical platform lift makes your home more accessible.chair lift me

A wheelchair lift, sometimes called a porch lift or a vertical platform lift, is a residential lift that provides efficient, cost effective access to any part of your home. Installed on the outside, a residential vertical wheelchair lift can provide easy entry to a raised deck or porch. Residential vertical wheelchair lifts can be more visually appealing than ramps and they require less space. These lifts can also be installed on the inside, providing easy floor-to-floor access.

Each residential wheelchair lift installed by All-Ways Accessible is custom designed to fit your specific needs and layout. Our company prides itself on combining efficiency, safety and design features that help integrate the lift with the outside architecture or the inside decor of your home.

If you or a loved one has difficulty climbing stairs or is confined to a wheelchair, those 2-3 steps on your front entryway can be more than a daily inconvenience; they’re a hazard for people with mobility issues and their caregivers. Why take the risk? Improve the quality of life for everyone in your home by installing a residential wheelchair lift.

All-Ways Accessible is the largest dealer of residential wheelchair lifts throughout New Hampshire (NH), Maine (ME), and Vermont (VT). When it comes to getting you in, out and around your home, All-Ways Accessible has the lift solution that's right for you.

  • Wheelchair lifts save space
  • Wheelchair lifts can be designed to blend into the décor of any home
  • Wheelchair lifts can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Wheelchair lifts can travel up to 12 feet
  • Wheelchair lifts can be installed in a shaft way so they blend in with the architecture of the home.

 chair lift vtchairlift mechair lift manchester nh

Thinking about installing a wheelchair lift yourself? Click here to learn why hiring a professional can impact your safety, your personal liability, and your home insurance. Get the facts here!

dumbwaiters nhDumbwaiters

Let dumbwaiters do the heavy lifting in your home.

  • Do you heat your home with wood and have to carry wood up or downstairs?
  • Do you park in a garage located under your home and have to carry groceries up a flight of stairs?
  • Do you lug heavy baskets of laundry to the laundry room in your basement or to second floor bedrooms?

Do you need to move materials up and down multiple floors? If you answered yes to any of the above, then a dumbwaiter might be just the back- saving device you need! Dumbwaiters are small freight elevators (or lifts) that connect two floors and are designed to carry materials (not people or animals). In residential settings, they are used to transport groceries, firewood, and laundry. Since dumbwaiters are really just mini elevators, they are designed with many of the same safety features as a regular passenger elevator. And just because they don't transport people, doesn't mean people don't get hurt using them. That's why they need to be installed and serviced by a licensed elevator professional.

Today's homeowner wants to maximize the investment in their homes by installing products that enhance convenience, elegance, and marketability. With the increasing popularity of multi-level homes, the dumbwaiter of yesteryear is in demand again today. Now modern homeowners can take advantage of an amenity used primarily in large estate houses. Vastly improved over those rope-and-pulley contraptions of years ago, today's dumb-waiters offer affordable, efficient, quiet, and reliable convenience, and they add a unique selling point for new or remodeled homes.

dumbwaiters vtQuestions to answer before you buy a Dumbwaiter:

How much weight do you need to lift?

What size packages are you planning to move from floor to floor?

How much space do you have for the dumbwaiter?

How far do you need a dumbwaiter to travel?

Need some help? The Lift Specialists at All-Ways Accessible can show you a long list of available options, capacities, and custom car sizes and help you design a dumbwaiter solution that is just right for your home.

Patient Liftsstairlift portland me

Patient Ceiling Lifts Benefit Family Caregivers 

All-Ways Accessible, Inc. in partnership with SUREHANDS® Lift & Care Systems provides patient lift solutions that can be used with an attendant or independently. These innovative patient lift systems have a variety of transfer options to help physically-challenged individuals or their caregivers. Custom transfer solutions that aid in accessing the bed, bath, shower or toilet can also help in changing clothes, catheterization, standing and ambulation, taking a swim or even mounting a horse.

We recognize the unique requirements of the population we serve. Wherever there is a need for a practical and innovative patient lift system to provide safe patient care or self-care, we have the answer. Our ability to solve our customers’ problems is the key to our success. The goal is to give every customer expert advice and design a patient lift system specific to their needs. Whether you want to transfer for activities of daily living, physical therapy programs or recreation, All-Ways Accessible can offer you an innovative solution.

All-Ways Accessible sells and installs a variety of lift system solutions for your home, including ceiling lifts, wall lifts, mobile lifts and even specially designed pool lifts. Our lift specialist will work closely with you and your caregiver. We will provide layouts and designs that will accentuate the function of each lift system. Ceiling lift systems can be discreetly installed to blend with your architectural goals. We will work with your builder or architect to optimize your ceiling lift in new construction, or show you how to integrate a lift system into your existing structures.

Check out a video on some of our SUREHANDS® Lift & Care Systems products.

Call All-Ways Accessible to find out how we can help you optimize your abilities.

Modular Wheelchair Rampschairlift vt

Modular wheelchair ramps provide easy access to your home.

All-Ways Accessible works exclusively with modular ramp systems. They feature an open mesh, slip resistant design that allows weather elements like rain and snow to pass through, making them one of the safest walking surfaces in the industry. Modular ramp systems can be installed in a few hours, and they are easily removed and relocated, which makes them a very flexible and affordable accessibility solution for you home. Permanent or temporary ramp systems are available in different finishes that complement your home's exterior colors. Modular Wheelchair Ramps don’t rust, warp, discolor or splinter – they are essentially maintenance free. If safety concerns have led you to look for a ramp, why not choose the safest walking surface, and have a color choice, too?

Modular Wheelchair Ramp systems are an economical solution because they may be purchased or rented, are available in custom configurations with 36” or 38” widths and incremental leg adjustments, and come with a 5 year warranty.

Why Hire Professionals?

Having any elevator or lift installed by a trained elevator professional is All-Ways the smart choice!

A stair lift, wheelchair lift, dumbwaiter or residential elevator, whether new, used or reconditioned, is an important improvement to your home. Although many of the manufacturers we work with have spent years designing safe, easy-to-use products, these products are still classed as elevators and should not be installed by a handy man, electrician, or home owner. Safety is always our primary concern. This is why you should only trust the installation of your stair lift, wheelchair lift, dumbwaiter or residential elevator to a trained elevator or lift professional.

The Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association (AEMA) provides the most knowledgeable information on stair lifts, wheelchair lifts and residential elevators. Read why it strongly advises against self-installation of any stair lift or residential elevator product. Your safety could be at risk!

Reasons not to install your own lift: Installing your own lift can be dangerous! There have been numerous incidents, including deaths, as a result of DIY lift installations.

Buying products off the internet can cost you more. At All-Ways Accessible we frequently field calls from people who bought either a stair lift or a wheelchair lift off the internet, and ended up with a product that they could not use or could not be installed. These people wind up having to purchase a whole new lift. If you’re going to buy a lift, buy just one, and buy it from a professional who can give you expert advice about what will work best in your home. Click here to read a true story about what can happen when you buy products off the internet.

Internet dealers don’t service their products. There are plenty of online dealers who advertise that stairlifts, wheelchair lifts and even elevators are easy to install because they want to sell you a lift. Once you purchase it and it’s delivered to your home, you’re on your own. If you have any issues with the installation or can’t figure out why the unit isn’t working, that online dealer isn’t going to come out to your house and fix it. You’ll end up calling a company like ours to come out and fix it. And you’ll end up paying that labor charge you were trying to avoid in the first place. Be smart about your safety and your wallet. Hire a reputable company with expert knowledge of local building codes, experience in installation, and the ability to service the product should something break down.

Installing your own lift can increase your homeowner’s liability. Talk to your insurance agent. People don’t always consider how their actions may impact their home owners insurance. If a homeowner installs a lift or elevator that does not meet all the necessary code requirements and someone gets hurt, then the insurance company may deny the claim. Why take the risk?

That Stairlift I bought off Craigslist was no bargain.

We received a call from a woman who bought a used stair lift off Craigslist. She wanted to know if we could come and install the stair lift. Sound simple? Not quite. Our service coordinator tried to determine what make and model the lift was; the woman had no idea. Then our service coordinator asked if she knew whether the lift was operational, and again, the woman wasn’t sure. The person she bought it from had already removed the stair lift from the stairs and therefore, it could not be tested before she bought it. But the nice man she bought it from assured her that it was working before he removed it. So what happens next? Our service coordinator indicates that we must send a mechanic out to her house to evaluate the lift; did it have all the parts needed of installation; where the batteries good; would the lift fit on the stairs in her home. The woman was fine until we informed her that she’d have to pay for a service call to complete this process. She didn’t understand why we couldn’t just come and install it. But after spending some time on the phone with our service coordinator, she agreed to schedule the service call.

When the mechanic got to the house, he determined that the batteries were dead and needed to be replaced. He also determined that the track was too short to fit on her stairs, so she’d have to purchase a new piece of track. Finally, once the tech put in a set of test batteries in the stair lift to see if the lift would even run, it was determined by the manufacturer that the lift had a bad board. I’m sure you can see where this is going. By the time all the parts and labor were added up that would make the lift work in her application, then add the costs of what she paid for it, she could have purchased a brand new lift complete with warranty.

Church buys lift off the internet to save money

The following is a true story. This is an example of what can happen when an individual or business buys directly off the internet. Don’t let this happen to you!

“I don’t know if you can help me or not.” That’s how the conversation began when the call first came in. As the story unfolded, it became apparent that there was nothing we could do to help this customer. Here is their story.

A local congregation, like many throughout NH, set out to make their church wheelchair accessible. To save money, the church decided to buy a vertical platform lift from an internet company. After they started the shaft-way construction, the local building inspector came to inspect the work. “Who’s going to install the lift?” he asked. At that point the project manager for the church learned that the vertical platform lift must be installed by a company with a commercial lift license. He also did not know that the lift would have to be inspected by the state elevator inspector to make sure it met the ASME/ANSI A18.1 (public safety code). The congregation thought that a church would not be considered a commercial business. Unfortunately, they were wrong.

At this stage the project manager wasn’t even sure if the lift they purchased off the internet would meet any of the ASME/ANSI A18.1 codes or whether it could be modified after the fact to do so. That’s when he called us. After a detailed conversation, it was clear that modifications could not be made to the lift to make it meet code. A whole new replacement lift needed to be ordered. The decision to buy off the internet cost the congregation more money than if they had gone to a reputable local lift company during the planning stages of their project.

When we hung up the phone, we felt really bad for the church and wished there was more we could do. We felt strongly that we needed to share this story with others in the hope that it could prevent someone else from making the same mistake.