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All-Ways checking every detail
ensuring your safety and comfort

All-Ways giving you options,
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All-Ways giving you the lift
that you need

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transfers easier

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All-Ways Accessible, Inc.

We specialize in the sale, installation and service of residential home elevators, Stiltz lifts, limited use limited application elevators (L.U.L.A), vertical wheelchair lifts, stair lifts, dumbwaiters, material handling lifts, patient lifts, and modular ramps. It has been serving residential and commercial customers throughout New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont since 1996.

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Rental Stairlifts

For some people, the need for a stairlift is only temporary.

If you are recovering from an accident or surgery and your ability to climb stairs is restricted, don’t add insult to injury by sleeping on the couch or scooting up and down the stairs on your back side.    

 Rent a stair lift!

Our stair lift rental program is a minimum of 3 months, and the price quoted includes installation along with 3 months rental.

If you need the chair lift for more than 3 months, then we are happy to extend the rental. If your rehab turns into something more permanent, we can even convert your rental stairway lift into a purchase and apply a portion of your paid rental fees toward the purchase of the stair lift!