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Stair Lifts

stair lift portland me Safe, Affordable Stair Lift Solutions Can Make Your House Livable Again

If you have ever had a hard time getting up and down stairs, you are not alone. Every year thousands of people look for a solution to the problem posed by the stairs in their home. 

The choice to purchase a stair lift, also known as a chair lift, stairway lift, and electric stair lift, is often difficult until people consider the alternatives. When faced with moving, remodeling, or living on one level, many people find that installing a stairlift is the easiest, most economical option for making their home livable again. All-Ways Accessible is brick and motar store that sells value first and foremost. Visits our design center so you know what the options you have available to you. We are just a short drive from anywhere in NH, ME or VT.


What Does a Stairlift Cost to Install?

 That is a really tough thing to say definitively.  However, a Stairlift for a straight set of stairs with appropriate clearances will run you $2,800 - $4,000 installed.  A set of stairs with a curve or landing on them will be in excess of $10,000 all the way to $25,000 installed.  An average curved stairlift is about $12,000.  

There are a lot of variables and options that you may want or need for safety reasons that can affect the price.  It is always best to have one of our accessibility specialists evaluate the site (at no cost or obligation) to determine what is the right stairlift for you.  We believe the only real way to give our customers the value they deserve is to provide a complete evaluation to ensure they get what they want and need!


Which Stairlift is Right
for You?

chair lift portland me It’s important to know what factors to take into consideration when choosing a stair lift. People not only come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they also have varying abilities to operate a machine safely on a stair case. In addition, stairs are built in many different configurations; some stairs are straight, some curved, and some stairs have ninety degree turns. Top and lower landings can have obstacles that impact the safe use of a stairway lift, especially for someone with strength and balance impairments. And then there are the flooring products--carpet, wood, tile--that need to be taken into account. That’s why it’s important to talk with a lift specialist about choosing the right stair lift for your home. The lift specialists at All-Ways Accessible will evaluate your home, educate you about the best options, and even give you a chance to test out different stairway lifts in our showroom.

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All-Ways Accessible has just undergone a major renovation to its showroom. We have 2 brands of stair lifts for you to ride and compare. Test the safety features, check out the color options, and choose the stairway lift that best suits you and your home. Schedule your test drive today.

Our lift specialists will travel to your home and perform a complete evaluation of your stairway AND your home to assist you in selecting the stairlift that suits both your abilities and your environment. And they will leave you with a written estimate. No pressure, no pushy sales gimmicks, just information and the freedom to choose.

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