Patient Lifts 

Patient Ceiling Lifts Benefit Family Caregivers 

All-Ways Accessible, Inc. in partnership with SUREHANDS® Lift & Care Systems provides patient lift solutions that can be used with an attendant or independently. These innovative patient lift systems have a variety of transfer options to help physically-challenged individuals or their caregivers. Custom transfer solutions that aid in accessing the bed, bath, shower or toilet can also help in changing clothes, catheterization, standing and ambulation, taking a swim or even mounting a horse.

We recognize the unique requirements of the population we serve. Wherever there is a need for a practical and innovative patient lift system to provide safe patient care or self-care, we have the answer. Our ability to solve our customers’ problems is the key to our success. The goal is to give every customer expert advice and design a patient lift system specific to their needs. Whether you want to transfer for activities of daily living, physical therapy programs or recreation, All-Ways Accessible can offer you an innovative solution.

All-Ways Accessible sells and installs a variety of lift system solutions for your home, including ceiling lifts, wall lifts, mobile lifts and even specially designed pool lifts. Our lift specialist will work closely with you and your caregiver. We will provide layouts and designs that will accentuate the function of each lift system. Ceiling lift systems can be discreetly installed to blend with your architectural goals. We will work with your builder or architect to optimize your ceiling lift in new construction, or show you how to integrate a lift system into your existing structures.

Check out a video on some of our SUREHANDS® Lift & Care Systems products.

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