Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

What is a Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator? 

A Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator is an elevator that is powered by air!

Some Features of the Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator include:

  • No pit excavation, hoist-way, or machine room required. 
  • Installation in one to two days. 
  • Ideal for new and existing homes due to the minimal footprint required to accomodate the structure. 
  • Self-supporting structure: the elevator is capable of freestanding on any level ground surface. 
  • Modern design allowes 360 degree visibility without cables or pistons that block vision. 
  • Extremely smooth starting and stopping operation           
  • There are three main components to the transparent, self-supporting vacuum elevator:

Exterior Cylinder: Made up of an aluminum frame and polycarbonate panels. 

Elevator Car: Made of steel, which houses the brake and safety mechanisms along with the proprietary seal located on top of the car. 

Suction Assembly: Located on top of teh upper cylinder. Houses the turbine engines, valves, and the PVE control Board. 


In the event of a power failure, the elevator cab automatically descends slowly to the lowest level and teh electromechanical door opens to allow passengers to exit.  

Fully Equiped with a full set of car locking devices for each landing. 

ASME A 17.7 Code Compliance Certified.

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