Specification Tools

If you are an Architect, Builder or even an Interior Designer, and you are working on a home, office, school, church or some type of public access project that requires a wheelchair lift, residential elevators or Limited Use Limited Application Elevator (LU/LA), then we have some great tools for you. Designed by our Symmetry Elevating Solutions partners, we want to share 2 websites that will help make your job easier.

Div14specs.com  – Your go-to site for specifications, whether you need PDF, CAD or Revit, and it doesn’t matter if you need just one spec or the whole product line.

SpeCreator™ Specifications Generator  - Custom-designed software for creating Division 14 product specifications. SpeCreator will create a project-specific set of CSI 3-part specifications. The configurations and options you select while designing the product will be available in your completed specification download.

In addition to these excellent tools, All-Ways Accessible can also provide you with one-on-one consultations with you or your clients, either on your site or in our newly renovated showroom.  Call or  Email  us today to schedule an appointment.

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