Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts are a versatile, cost effective solution for overcoming an architectural barrier in a commercial setting. There are several types of wheelchair lifts:

  • Unenclosed – the lift is not enclosed in any way. Only up to 60 inches of travel
  • Shaft Way – the lift is designed to be installed in a drywall shaft way
  • Enclosed – the lift is designed with its own shaft way usually metal framing with either steel panels or see through acrylic panels
  • Hybrid – a cross between an elevator and a vertical platform lift. Much more esthetically pleasing.

Also keep in mind that there are many different options available for each type of lift:

  • Different platform sizes (some states require a very specific size)
  • Different exit and enter configurations
  • An assortment of platform and lift gates, fire coded doors, power gate operators, etc.
  • Different drive options such as screw drive, screw drive with battery backup, and hydraulic
  • A large number of color options available. The days of the standard ivory or beige color are long gone.

Which wheelchair lift is right for your application? What options, if any, are needed to make your lift code compliant? Talk to one of our Elevator & Lift Specialists.

All traditional wheelchair lifts look pretty much the same. If you lined up 6 different manufactures lifts in a row, the average layperson would say they are all the same. While they may all look the same they are built very differently and in the long term that matters a great deal.

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