Certified Pre-Owned Stairlifts

When customers inquire about our stair lifts, more often then not, they usually inquire about the availability of a used lift. At All-Ways Accessible, we do sell used straight stairway lifts if we have them. However, used lifts are very popular, and our inventory does vary. But it never hurts to ask!

We do buy back some straight stairlifts; it depends on how old they are, whether or not they have been serviced regularly, and how many we already have in inventory at the time.

All Stairlifts that come to us go through a quality control certification process before moving to our certified pre owned stairlift inventory. 

If you purchase a used straight stairlift we do offer some type of labor warranty on the used stair lifts we sell. It varies by stairlift; age is usually the largest determining factor in the length of warranty.

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