Patient Lifts Reduce Risk of Injury

Throughout the USA, hospitals and rehab facilities are facing a revolution. It is being spearheaded by patient care staff who, after years of back injuries, falls and putting patients at risk during transfers, are demanding new policies regardi ng "Safe Patient Handling.

Since the company began, All-Ways Accessible, Inc. has been working with  caregivers, in both home and  hospital settings, to design safe, efficient patient lift systems.

As the exclusive dealer of the Surehands Lift and Care System, All-Ways A ccessible has been designing, installing and servicing patient lifts throughout New Hampshire (NH), Maine (ME), and Vermont (VT) since 1996.

Whether it be a Wall Lift, Ceiling Lift, Mobile Lift, or Pool Lift, designing an effective patient lift system requires not only a thorough understanding of lifting and body mechanics, but also a critical knowledge of installation layout, daily  activity flow, and structural integrity.

So if you are a member of a patient care team at a hospital or rehab center, All-Ways Accessible has the tools, knowledge and experience to help you design the patient lift system that is right for you.

All-Ways Accessible offers free lift demonstrations and site evaluations, and has a variety of lift accessories (Slings, Body Support, Frictionless Slides) to aid in safe transfers. We also have several lift systems setup in our showroom for demonstration purposes. Check out a video on some of our SUREHANDS® Lift & Care Systems products.

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