Plan on Safety...Plan on Service

Every elevator and lift that All-Ways Accessible installs has numerous safety devices engineered into every aspect of the design. Those safety devices require regular testing, inspection and maintenance to ensure that they work when you need them.

Our trained, experienced service mechanics are here to keep your elevator or lift running safely and reliably. At All-Ways Accessible, your safety is our first priority and we are confident in our ability to care for your equipment the right way, every time.

Why should I have regular maintenance performed on my elevator or lift?

  • Regular maintenance has been shown to reduce the cost and frequency of repairs and to extend the life and reliability of your elevator or lift.
  • Safety - there are several moving parts in lifts or elevators that can become loose, worn, frayed, or even damaged from daily use. Something as simple as lubricating or tightening of parts can save the life of the equipment or the person using it.
  • The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) felt it was so important to have elevators and lifts tested and inspected routinely, that they made it a requirement in their “National Elevator and Lift Safety Codes”. If your state has adopted these national codes it may be more than just a good idea to have your equipment maintained regularly, it may be the law.
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