Who is Waldo?

A Bear in Search of a Better Life...

Waldo used to work for a local New Hampshire liquor broker as a promotional representative for Jack Daniels. He was an associate of Rich Early, who was a regional sales manager for the company. Waldo and Rich worked long hours together doing product promotions in local bars, ski areas, and restaurants as well as tastings and other special events in liquor stores. After working a string of late nights and long weekends, Waldo turned to Rich and said, “Bud, I need to find a new gig; this one is killing me!”

Rich looked at him for a long time, taking in his brown fur and the lumpy stuffing. “What else are you going to do?” he finally asked. “You’re a bear for Pete’s sake and a stuffed one to boot!”

Waldo just shook his head. “The late nights and weekends are wearing on me. Plus, I’d rather use my talents selling something more uplifting, more substantial. I’m a good promoter; people love me! I want to represent products that help people. I want to make a difference.”

Rich looked at him and smiled. “Bud, I just might have a solution. Let me talk to my sister Liz. She and her husband Jeff own All-Ways Accessible. They sell elevators & lifts; products that help people make their homes and business more “visitable” for people of all abilities. They might be able to use someone with your talents.”

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Rich did as he promised. He talked to Jeff and Liz about Waldo, and they loved the idea of hiring a sales savvy bear who could help them spread the word about “visitability.” Waldo joined the All-Ways Accessible team as the community liaison and was recently promoted to Vice President of Public Relations. He’s now responsible for running programs like the annual Food Drive to help support the NH Food Bank, the annual toy drive for the US Marine’s Toys for Tots campaign, and even a local coat drive! Waldo works very hard planning and running All-Ways Accessible community outreach programs, and he’s always looking for new and different ways to make a difference.

In addition to his public relations responsibilities, Waldo does his utmost to promote better, more accessible living for everyone. He helps out at home shows, where he especially loves meeting kids. He goes on site visits and turnover visits with elevator clients so he can demonstrate all the features of a home elevator. Waldo really enjoys going on patient lift evaluations and installations. He loves showing people how to use them and also to help put them at ease when they use them for the first time. When Waldo is not visiting job sites or working a home show, he’s here in our showroom helping out with home elevator and stair lift demonstrations. If you would like more information on All-Ways Accessible community outreach programs, Email Waldo.