Limited Use/Limited Application Elevators or L.U.L.A.

Lower cost alternative to a full passenger elevator

Limited Use Limited Application (L.U.L.A) elevators were developed as a lower-cost, highly functional alternative to a commercial passenger elevator and are a more refined, fully featured alternative to a vertical wheelchair platform lift. It is essential to understand where and why a commercial LU/LA elevator is the best solution.

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Comparison to Commercial Passenger Elevator

A Limited Use Limited Application (L.U.L.A) elevator can comply with The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) if used in the right application. It can provide accessibility where vertical travel does not exceed 25 feet. When combining the equipment, construction and installation costs, LU/LA elevators can provide substantial savings. Advantages are achieved primarily through design:

  • Smaller LU/LA hoist way and machine room space allows for smaller footprint.
  • Lower overhead ceiling height often avoids extensive roof modifications.
  • Shallower elevator pit depth, as little as 13 inches, lowers site preparation costs.
  • Requires only single phase power versus three phase power typical of passenger elevators.

There are limits as to where the LU/LA commercial elevator can be used, however. It’s worth the phone call to confirm whether a more cost effective commercial LU/LA elevator will meet the needs of a specific project.

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There are a number of advantages of the LU/LA elevator over vertical platform lift, including, but not limited to, greater functionality and visual appeal. Advantages include the following:

  • Vertical travel is up to 25 feet where commercial platform lifts are limited to 14 feet. A LU/LA has a lifting capacity of 1,400 lbs. as compared to 750 lbs. (by code) for vertical lifts.
  • A LU/LA has a speed of 30 feet per minute (fpm) whereas platform lifts and vertical lifts have a max speed of 30 ft/min as well, but usually do not exceed 20 ft/min. Many are as slow as 10 feet per minute.
  • A LU/LA has a similar look and feel to a traditional elevator with fully enclosed car and automatic controls; a platform lift lacks this visual appeal.

There are commercial applications where a vertical wheelchair platform lift is more practical. To quickly determine if a LULA elevator is a viable solution for your application, simply contact us or provide us some information and we’ll call you.