Compact Elevator Installation in New England

Residential home elevator installation in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

When it comes to home elevators, there are all kinds of stylish, subtle, and compact options available. At All-Ways Accessible, we work within your tastes and style to choose the model and design that work best in your home.

Stiltz Lift Residential Elevators

Single-person home elevators, installed in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

The Stiltz Home Lift is a compact residential elevator designed to fit into your existing home. Its sleek, innovative features allow it to be installed in places where other home elevator products just won't fit. Unlike a Stairlift, you can choose where to put the Stiltz in your home.

Check out this video  to see the Stiltz in action.


What are the benefits of a Stiltz Lift?


  • Versatile. No need for a supporting wall. The Stiltz can be installed in most places around the home.
  • Quick Installation. All install work can be completed in as little as two days.
  • Compact. The elevator’s footprint is less than 7 square feet.
  • Quiet operation. The elevator runs smooth and silent.
  • Efficient. Very low power consumption, with just a regular 110v outlet needed.


standard fit elevator Standard Retrofitted Elevator

The basic retrofit is the most common scenario, and is also why the product was conceived. Put simply, wherever the footprint of a Stiltz Lift can fit, it can be installed. It’s self-contained and does not need additional space for hydraulics. All that is required is the cutting and trimming of the appropriate aperture.


Void Application Elevator Void Application

This is a unique offering of a Stiltz Lift. Due to the self-supporting rail structure, a Stiltz Lift is capable of being effectively free standing. With just enough room inside a turning stairwell, this application uses the dead space in the void to snugly fit a home lift.


closet to closet elevator Closet to Closet Installation

This application is another favorite with Stiltz clients. The small footprint and self-contained drive unit of a Stiltz Lift actually allows the lift to be completely fitted in a closet on both floors.


through-car elevator Through-Car Installation

The through-car, or double-entry lift, is where a Stiltz Lift adds another dimension. This model is the reason why we say we can fit a lift anywhere! From time to time, the situation arises where a lift requires two entrances.


Low Ceiling Elevator Installation

A common question we get asked when folks consider this lift is whether it meets the required ceiling height downstairs and upstairs. The electric panel sits above the front of the cab, so it's ideal to have 8 feet downstairs to allow easy removal of the cover panel and give unhindered access to the electronics. Upstairs, a standard height cab requires 93 inches. However, if you have a low ceiling we can make the cab up to 6" shorter than standard, allowing you to fit the lift in more unique places.


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