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All-Ways Accessible, Inc.

We specialize in the sale, installation and service of residential home elevators, Stiltz lifts, limited use limited application elevators (L.U.L.A), vertical wheelchair lifts, stair lifts, dumbwaiters, material handling lifts, patient lifts, and modular ramps. It has been serving residential and commercial customers throughout New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont since 1996.

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Custom Curved Stairlifts

stairlift meStairways are like snowflakes, no two are alike, and not all of them are straight. That’s when a custom-designed and digitally - configured curved stair lift makes the most sense. By using high tech measuring software and a special camera, our lift specialist can ensure that your custom curve stair lift fits perfectly! Here at All-Ways Accessible, we do not recommend curved stairlifts that use modular rail systems (these are basically standard rail pieces that are “fit” together). Modular rail products are hard to fit and require several attempts to get the rail angles correct. This can mean a lot of extra holes in your stairway. One man drilled 136 holes trying to make a modular rail system fit his stairway before contacting us about a custom engineered rail system. Yes, the custom engineered rail takes longer to get, but we believe it makes for a better fit, a better installation and a much more satisfied customer!