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Stair Lift Options 

stairlifts vt
Stair Lifts come in various makes and models. Stairway lifts also come with a variety of different features and accessories. All-Ways Accessible offers 4 different stairlift options:

  • New Straight Stairway Lifts
  • New Custom Curved Stairlifts
  • Rental Stair lifts
  • Certified Pre Owned straight Stair Lifts. 

When most people think about a stairlift, the standard straight stair lifts are the ones that most often come to mind. The majority of homes have a basic, wooden, straight stairway. People often ask how wide the stairs need to be to accommodate a chair lift. We tell them that if the stairs are 32 inches wide or wider, you can install a stairlift on it. However, a person’s height and some other factors can impact whether a stairway lift will work on a narrow set of stairs. That’s why we always do home visits; we want to make sure the stair lift is right for you and your home.

stairlifts vt

The biggest misconception about stair lifts is that the rail is installed on the wall, when in fact, with almost every straight and curved stair lift, the rails are bolted to the stairway. If your stairway is made of something other than wood, that doesn’t mean you can’t install a stair lift – it just means it will take some extra special care to install it properly. Because straight stairlifts are the most common chair lift option, All-Ways Accessible maintains an inventory of two different brands so we are ready to install your lift as quickly as possible.