Cheap does not mean inexpensive!!

Last summer we went to see a customer in Durham NH to put a LULA elevator in a facility to host weddings. It was a beautiful setting in this historic old barn with awesome grounds. However, there was not access to all three levels of the barn so a LULA was necessary to meet ADA requirements. We were informed late last fall that we were not awarded the job because someone else was significantly cheaper than us. At the time we wished him luck with his project and told him to let us know if there was anything else we could do for him.

Last Friday the customer called and talked to Dave. I guess the company who was significantly cheaper than us can’t finish the job they started. The facility has been turning away wedding events because it can’t open because it does not meet code without the LULA elevator. He asked us to help him out by finishing the job so he could stop turning away business. Dave told him that we cannot help him because we are not a dealer for the Canadian company who supplied the product. We also, really cannot just step in a finish it. If the other company cannot make it work, we have no idea what happened to get to this point. While we feel bad for the customer, but we just can’t help him. He is going to have to work with the company he choose to do the install and also with them for the service on going. He was not happy to hear this because he lost total confidence in the company he hired and is losing money every day the facility is not open.

Be careful when buying cheap, it may be a lot more expensive in the long run.

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