Do you need to get state approval for a lift or Elevator in a private home in Maine?

I was recently asked a question about the involvement the State of Maine has in a residential lift or elevator installation. Well the answer is, the State of Maine does not inspect elevators and lifts in private residences. However, please be sure you are meeting the definition of a private residence. A private residence is considered to be a single family dwelling only occupied by members of a single family. In an apartment building where the elevator is in a common area and can stop to access two or more apartments, then it is not considered a private residence and public access rule apply. However, if an elevator is in a common area and security features are installed (locks of some sort so no one else can gain access to the apartment) and it only accesses a single apartment, then Maine considers that a private residence. Confused? Call us if you need clarification, we can help.

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