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I was looking around on the internet at stair lift sites this morning. I ran across several of our competitors websites. There really is a lot of  information out there. Not all of it is truthful, but there is a lot of it.

 I found one company that is claiming that track is guaranteed for life and that is why you should buy their lift. I have been in this business for twenty years and have never changed a track because it wore out. That’s a safe bet on their part and they are charging a premium for it. The other part of the equation is warranty is given by this company that is private labeling a product from a manufacturer. Therefore, your warranty is with that internet seller not the manufacturer. These companies go in and out of business on a regular basis. One week they are ABC Stair lift company the next week they DEF stairlift company.

 I found another company that says they will not be undersold on stair lifts. I think that is probably true, but try to find them when you have a problem with the stairlift. They don’t even have a phone number or address on the site.

Yet another tells you they are going to shop for you and get you the best price on 4 competitive stair lift brands. I can tell you that that is a totally misleading website. They are always going to give you the best price on the product they want to sell you. I know this because they are not dealers for some of the companies they have listed.

What does this all mean?? Do business locally with a reputable company that has its own installers and service people. Shopping for a stair chair is just like shopping for any other product, you need to look at what you are really buying and whom you are buying it from. An educated consumer is our best customer. Don’t be taken in by misleading or false claims.

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