Is it a Home or Commercial Lift /Elevator?

As a general rule of thumb any property that is not a single family home, occupied by a single family unit, is considered a public application. The A18.1 and the A17.1 codes provide a definition of private residence in chapter 1. It is your responsibility to know how your building is classified. There can be major fines that vary from state to state if you knowingly install and operate a residential product in a public application. 

There are many internet retailers that will sell you a product that they say is for public application and is not. You should know that most states in the US require a licensed mechanic to complete the installation in a public application. This is for the safety of the general public. Most states also require an inspection before the lift/elevator can be put into service.

Don’t be fooled into buying a product that is cheap but will not meet your needs. Most of the internet retailers selling inferior products have a no return policy. When a consumer finds out the cheap product they purchased does not meet the code requirements and cannot be returned, the initial low price turns into a very expensive final project.

I suggest talking to local dealers and the authority in charge of lifts and elevators in your state before you make a final purchase decision.

Education is power!!!

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