By; Jeff Lavoie

We had a customer in the office today and mentioned he was reading reviews on the web. He mentioned a certain brand and said they had great reviews. I was interested in learning more about the stairlift product, because if it’s that good, we should consider adding it to our product line.

I went to Google and typed in the name and there was not a single Google review – this makes me nervous. Google reviews are typically a reliable way of getting information on a company. I worked my way down the list and clicked on the sites that said reviews. Well as it turned out, all of the review sites where either owned or where partners of the manufacturer. I did not feel like I received any real information about their stairlifts. It was misleading and totally focused on getting my contact information so they could market to me.

There are a lot of quality products out there, just make sure you are an educated consumer. Look at Google reviews they are the most reliable.

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