Self-Installation of Stair Lifts

No one would ever say installing a stairlift is rocket science!  

However, even a rocket scientist should not install a stair-lift unless he/she has been trained to do so. Reading a manual is no substitution for training. Every lift is going to come with an installation manual. These manuals are great guides, but should not be someone’s sole exposure to the stair-lift industry. Most legitimate manufactures require factory training before a company is allowed to sell a product. They know that a trained professional not only will make sure the installation is safe, but also insure that it is a not a maintenance issue in the future.

The DIY stairlift market does not want to talk about the long term maintenance issues with their equipment. They are relying on you only looking at a cheap initial price and not thinking about and the long term implications. Many of the prices advertised on the web are lower than most large dealers can buy the products for. So that means, either you are getting a really low quality product or you are going be in the middle of a “bait and switch” scam when you call. If you end up with a low quality lift, it is surely going to be a maintenance issue in the future. Dependability should be paramount in your purchasing decision. You didn’t put the lift in because you liked the way it looks, you put it in because it made the home safe!! It should work when you need it. 

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