Used Equipment - Be an Informed Consumer

Buying used equipment can save you money! However, for the uninformed consumer it can also be a nightmare. Please, make sure you know what you are buying! We occasionally receive calls from people whom have bought a stairlift from someone else because they got a “great deal” on it. Many times it turns out that the great deal was not so great, and they need our help!  Make sure you know if the product will work in your application. If you are buying a used stairlift, make sure you know the following:

     1. Is the track long enough for your stairs? 
     2. Is the rail going to mount to the correct side of the stairs? 
     3. Will this lift fit the width of the stairs? 
     4. Are there parts still available for the model? 
     5. Are the features on the lift sufficient for the end user? 

Even if you get all of the above questions answered, it's always a good idea to get a professional to come look at the staircase. Many companies also offer used lifts with installation and warranties included in the pricing. If a deal is too good to be true, do your homework and be an educated consumer!!!

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